Monday, April 26, 2010

A book's end

last line read.
I turn the page,
a blank page,
-with no words
-no pictures
-nothing that
helps me see
what the future will hold
for these fictional characters
I hold so dear.

look to my life
wanting to know
what the future will hold
after I turn the page
but all I see are
the blank pages
before me.

a rush of excitement
enters my soul as I
begin to imagine all
the adventures not yet
traveled .... 

The  pages of my life
begin to unfold before
me  as each year of my life
begins and ends.

 the happy ending
from a book read long ago
is but a distant memory. 
Yet, the happy ending of my
own life has just begun.

inspired by Samantha Wright's blog post ,E.G.B.D. - on her blog, Annecdotely Speaking.visit her @

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