Thursday, April 22, 2010

A dream renewed

soft, worn, leather-bound
journal is dusted off

opened after a long time
of neglect,
opened to reveal
what once was
but no longer is-
with each turn of the page,
opened and then shut
once again,
opened yet again  revealing
the newly tear-stained pages,
and shut yet again.

a new colorful journal
is opened to reveal
crisp blank pages
with each turn of the page.

the artist turns to the first page
and thus begins a dream renewed.

Georgia Waterfall

Location: Panther's Creek Trail, Georgia. Date: Sept. 2009. Have been hiking the Panther's Creek Trail in Georgia since I was a young girl. It amazes me how there is always something new to see each time we go. On this visit, I went with my husband, Rick, and my father.

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