Friday, April 23, 2010

sweet baby girl

her baby cries
she takes her in her arms
bounces her up and down
sings her a lullaby,
gives her a kiss goodbye,
"Good-bye, my sweet baby girl",
she says .

she lays her gently in
her crib,
and tells the baby-sitter
good bye-
grateful for the help
she has received.

off to work-
she takes the bus,
she takes the train,
walks the three miles
left of her journey.

she comes in
and sees
the baby crying.
she takes her in her arms,
bounces her up and down,
sings her a lulaby,
gives her a kiss,
"Hello sweet baby girl", she says.

she lays her in her crib,
she greets her boss-
who is grateful for the help
she has received,
and begins
the day's long list of chores.

inspired by the book, "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.

North Carolina Sunrise
Location: Emerald Isle, NC. Date: July 2009. Took this photo on one of the many walks I took on the beach during our stay in NC. Loved watching the sun rise over the ocean.

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