Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The jewelry maker's prayer

each bead
chosen with love.

each bead
strung along
with care.

with each bead
a prayer is made:

"May this
bring joy to those
who go without."

with each jewelry piece
a profit is given
for those who go without.

"yet, is it enough?"

She continues her day,
shares her love with
a mother's care and
loving kindness in her heart.

"Yet, is it enough?"

one more prayer given
before she lays her head to rest:

"May all know of love,
be treated with love,
and give love.
May all know peace and joy.
 May they live their dream with
a heart filled with child-like wonder."

She sleeps and dreams
 and dreams some more.

poem inspired by the blog, The Jewlery Report. visit the blog @ http://jewelryreport.com/news/using-your-jewelry-greater-good .

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