Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Angel Whispers

For the weekly poetry prompt at Jingle Poetry we were given the words : "music, art, poetry, muse". I chose to write a poem as if an angel was giving me words of encouragement, strength and courage.

May the Force be with you
"May the Force be with you" / Alice PopKorn

Angel Whispers

my heart-
in mouring
for days gone by,
chances not taken,
lives not lived.

the birds still sing,
the sun still rises,
horses still gallop across the fields
and your love still lifts my soul.

An Angel whispers quietly...
"Let art, music, and poetry
be your muse.
Let go of all that came before.
Live for today.
Speak your truth.
Live your truth.
Rise above all and
enjoy the blessings of the day,
Oh dear one.
Rise and take strength in knowing
all is well. "

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