Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Photo Poetry Prompt at Mag Pie Tales : In my dreams

For the Monday Photo Poetry Prompt at Mag Pie Tales  we were given the photo below...

title/photographer unknown

I chose to write a poem where the content in the photo above is seen in a dream. The poem is as follows...

In my dreams

As I lay here in
the garden sleeping
In my dreams
I see a mirage of colors
and gold
- dancing to and fro,
back and forth,
and back and forth again ,
in rhythm
to a symphony
being played
from within the house
next door.

The music travelling out their window,
through the garden,
and into my dreams is

A soothing, relaxing melody,
that brings me peace,
relaxes my limbs,
and forms a smile on my lips.

Oh, how I wish this sweet serenity
could be with me always.


The music I was listening to while writing the poem can be found below...


Reflections said...

Your dream sounds fabulous, peaceful... bringing contentment to the morning rise.

budh.aaah said...

A relaxing flow of words..soothing. Wish mine were too