Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Stop Poetry's Sunday Poetry Prompt Challenge: A Window's View

For today's One Stop Poetry's Sunday Photo Prompt Challenge  we were given a photo by the documentary photographer, Greg Laychack , of an elderly women in a wheelchair passing by a window and were asked to write a poem about it.

photo by Greg Laychack

 I chose to write a poem written in the voice of the elderly lady in the photo.The poem is as follows...

A Window's View

Passing by a window
I see the flowers of spring
all in bloom.

I recall the agility of my youth,
the lightness of being,
 the freedom of my soul,
the joy possessed in my heart,
an afternoon spent
twirling around and laughing
as I blew bubbles and watched them
fly to the heavens with the wind.

Many years have passed since that day.
Soon I too will fly to the heavens,
but the freedom of that day still remains.
After all I still have my free will
and a strong-willed spirit, wheel chair and all.

May all remember the freedom of youth and
carry it with them wherever they go,  as I have,
It is a blessing I wish for all of you on this Easter morning.

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