Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Days Serene

Tuckerman's Ravine from Square Ledge
Tuckerman's Ravine  taken in New Hampshire by Sam Feinsilver

Days Serene

 In the moments of days serene,
She thinks of journeys spent with you,
in the night, her dreams you pass through,

by jumping on a trampoline,
during twilight and the dark night,
singing, playing a tambourine.

What a enchanting spell you brew
with your kind eyes of bluish green.

In the moments of days serene,
She asks herself , what will ensue
for it is her dreams, you can redo.

She waits for you on dream's ravine,
joyful knight, her beacon of light
until the stars come  intervene.

her heart is what you will renew
in the moments of days serene.


Submitted to ABC Wednesday- "S is for Serene" and One Shoot Wednesday.

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