Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Dessert Plate

photo prompt for Thursday Tales. title/photographer unknown. found here .

    As she eats the dessert , a lovely Mango Flan with  Chipotle Chocolate Sauce... She thinks..

mango in a blanket of sweet custard,
covered in delicate chocolate sauce,
with a hint of  sizzling chipotles,
strawberries and mango for  a bit of garnish...

my life in a blanket of sweet joy
covered in a delicate kind love,
with a hint of sizzling adventures,
dancing and music for a bit of excitement.

a delicious dessert,
a lovely life
served to me on a plate.

     After eating every last bite of the dessert with much enjoyment , and  yes- even a bit of finger-licking , she excuses herself from the table. She takes a few yellow balloons from the dessert  table's decorations and walks over to the pond near by. There she sits and watches the sun go down on this Friday afternoon. She then lets the balloons go as she says a prayer to the angels that her new life will be full of all the wonderful flavors of that delicious Mango Flan with Chipotle Chocolate Sauce dessert.

submitted in response to the prompts at Poets United "chocolate", Thursdays Tale, and Writers Island "sizzling". Also submitted to Poet's United Poetry Pantry and One Shot Wednesday.

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