Thursday, May 5, 2011

The "I am Beautiful" Project

Above is my contribution to the "I am Beautiful" Project.

For the "I am Beautiful" Project, women of all ages are asked to take a picture of themselves with a sign saying "I am beautiful " and post it to the "I am beautiful" flickr group. Women can also post the photo to the "I am beautiful" Link on Jill Samter's blog. The project is an effort to promote self-esteem among children, teens, and adults. It is a great way to help empower the women of tomorrow and help the women of today remember how beautiful they really are. Yes, we are all beautiful no matter what our age.

Women  of today,
women of tomorrow,
see your reflection
in the mirror-
and smile knowing
every line,
every scar,
is a testament to the
stories we have lived.

The moments of joy,
the moments of struggle,
the moments we have overcome,
all are written on our skin
and our aura.
So stand up tall,
sway your hips,
continue being the beauty
 you already are.
continue letting that
beautiful spirit within

We have lived through
so much,
We have loved 
so much, 
We have proven
we are so much more..
We are beautiful
inside and out,
Shining our light
for all to see.

So let us
reclaim our power
and sing ...
"We are beautiful"
so that we may all be heard.

Always remember....


At We Write Poems- Take it to the Limit, we were asked to write about a time when we did something outside of our comfort zone or not. Posting a picture of myself without makeup holding up a sign that says "I am beautiful" for the "I am beautiful" project is my example of something I have done outside of my comfort zone. An example of something I have not done would be singing karaoke...but you never know... maybe I'll try doing it this weekend. Looking forward to reading what others have written on the subject. 

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Jill Samter Photography said...

What a beautiful post!

So thankful you joined in!