Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ocean's Breeze

Fishing boats loading the barge on the reef. Mobile Bay, Ala., 02/1911'
"Fishing boats loading the barge on the reef. Mobile Bay, Ala., 02/1911"
Photo shared by  US National Archives on Flickr

It is time for Sepia Saturday. Have been looking through the Flickr Commons  for inspiration while listening to the music of Scott Joplin. My fictional poem "Ocean's Breeze" is inspired by the photos I have seen there.

[1897, Art Institute, Stockholm, Sweden] (LOC)

Photo of Art Institute, Stockholm, Sweden in1897shared by The Library of Congress

Ocean's Breeze

On the ocean's breeze ,
I left Sweden,

Working hard each day,
feasting on giant fish,
for breakfast, lunch and dinner
was my reward.

Swimming with dolphins,
my greatest delight.

Reaching  Atlantis's border,
my childhood dream come true.

My heart's sweet song sung
loudest with gratitude
as I saw old friends
whom I haven't seen in years,
wave to me from the shore
as my ship came in.

No longer able to wait,
I leaped from my boat
and swam to greet them.

with outstretched arms,
warm smiles,
and giggles,
we embraced.

Rustico Beach, PE, 1916 (?)
Rustico Beach, PE, 1916 (?) , a photo shared by Musee McCord Museum on Flickr

Submitted to Sepia Saturday . Come by and see all the old photos posted there.

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