Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Ocean's Cliffs

Photo by Walter Parada for One Shoot Sunday

Looking  through my window,
I uttered a prayer to the Angels,
that lulled me to sleep the night before
with their beautiful symphony of crickets and ocean waves.
"What a beautiful day you have given me, Thank you", I said.

Rearranging the vase of  yellow daffodils, gathered from the garden,
Am reminded of a time when my confidence waned,
because the risks seemed too many and out of my control.

So beneath the blue sky above, by the ocean cliffs ,
I wrote my hearts desires and dreams, put it in a bottle,
and let the waves carry it to hope's sweet surrender.
With dreams now realized, I am in absolute awe of the serendipidity of things
that came forth after that day and the beauty that surrounds my house by the ocean's cliffs .

Window view
Window View , a photo by Theophilos Papadopoulos on Flickr


Submitted  in response to the poetry prompts of One Shoot Sunday-  "Photos by Walter Parada" and

 A Whirl of Wordlings Sunday  -

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