Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Photogragh

       title/photograpger unknown.
         prompt for Thursday's Short Story Slam

    Watching the hills below from the cliff at the south end of his grandfather's ranch, Scott is transported back in time. A jumble of thoughts comes to his mind of his childhood spent here. The naked tree beside him still has the old tire swing his grandpa tied to its limbs when he was young, the sounds of the creek can still be heard from the cliff's edge, and voices and images from the past still come to greet him here.
    Scott looks at the old photograph of his grandfather on his horse, that he has been holding in his hands, and grins. He knows his grandpa  will always be watching over him .  He knows his grandpa is proud that he agreed to be in charge of the ranch now.
   "He'll be bringing food made from recepies that have been passed down from generations tonight when he comes to visit, along with some helpful advice about the ranch... In another forty years, I will taking my sons here to this spot and asking them to take charge of the ranch, just like he did... I just hope I can be to my sons what my grandpa was to me." he said.
    "You will be",  his wife said, as she held their baby twins in her arms under the old oak tree. "You already are".

clay cliffs
clay cliffs , a photo by ropergees on Flickr

Story submitted to Thursday's Short Story Slam and Three Word Wednesday.

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