Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Quilt and the Rocking Chair

Quilt Show2007 059 by IamSusie
Quilt Show2007 059, a photo by IamSusie on Flickr.
*  quilt : Nuts and Bolts #5  by Carl Taylor
Am having a bit of fun with the letter "q" this morning by writing a small fictional piece with words beginning with "q" . I also wrote a poem.

The Quilt

In quite the quandary because I do not know how to respond to the qualms the queen has about the quality of the quilt I am making her but I refuse to quit. I just could not think of a funny quip to say in our quibbling so quietly and quickly I continued to quilt .Quirky I may be but a quitter I am not.

Soon she will be in Quebec listening to her favorite quintet with her quintessential favorite quilt wrapped around her knees while quoting the merry quips of her favorite quilter (me). Until then, I will mind my p's and q's and continue quilting  my quilts for all to see. When I am home each night - a  few verses of my wife's poetry I will read  after she is done writing them with my lucky quill.

What , you question, will she write? I do not know but here's a few lines from a few nights ago...

On the Rocking Chair

quilting a patchwork of memories
of days spent together,
of picnics in the park
of playing with our dog,
and a stolen kiss.
with each needle I thread,
each piece of fabric I sew,
our life unfolds.

quietly in this rocking chair,
I ponder
what will life bring to us
in the coming months?

I sit and rock,
and  rock again,
watching the clouds dance
in a blanket of blue.
listening to the birds sing
as I rock and rock again.

Then ..
I ponder no more,
Chose instead to
comtemplate the breeze
with a smile
as I rock and rock again
with a quilt on my lap
and my dog at my side.

Rocking Chair Porch by robinrkc
Rocking Chair Porch, a photo by robinrkc on Flickr.


in response to ABC Wednesday - "Q" is for Quilt..Also submitted to One Shoot Poetry
Inspiration for On the Rocking Chair: Theme for "How to make an American Quilt" by Thomas Newman

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HisFireFly said...

What a fun exercise, and I loved the resulting poem!