Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Bus at Lucena City Integrated Terminal , a photo by Estan Cabigas 
on Flickr taken in Lucena City, Calabarzon, Phillipines.


On a bus,
in the middle of summer ,
an old man's ramblings
of his old family home
echoed the long, windy
country road we were travelling.

a teenager was calling home,
saying the bus would be late,
ending the call with a quick,
"I love you"

A mother was rocking her baby
to sleep singing...

"What if God was one of us,
Just a slob like one of us,
Just a stranger on the bus,
Trying to make his way home?"

"What if ?
Would we treat each other differently
if we all believed we were all one?,
if we all believed we had a bit of the Divine
in all of us?,
if we all believed that even Saints made mistakes?"
I thought.

The bus, came to a halt.
"Better late than never",
the bus driver said,
as we got off the bus.

Sitting next to the old man,
as he waited for his ride,
I listened to him as
he continued with his ramblings.
Reminding me of the tall tales
my grandmother used to tell  me.
I listened with a smile.

Old-man: Just an old man enjoying his day out in the sun, a photo by
livingitout on Flickr.


Story submitted in response to the prompts of One Single Impression  "ramblings", Carry on Tuesday
"the chorus from "One of Us" by Joan Osborne- "What if God was one of us, a slob like one of us, just a stranger on the bus trying to find his way home?..", and Sunday Scribblings "better late than never".

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annell said...

A wonderful piece!