Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Ranch


Ranch , a photo of  Boundary Ranch in Kananaskis Valley (Alberta)
 by Josep Mª Serarols on Flickr

The Ranch

Along  these rolling hills,
under a bright blue morning sky,
where flowers are damp with dew drops,
and horses neigh in delight
after grazing in the fields,
A dog barks,
at the ducks
crossing his path
on their way to the pond,
and a little boy skids in the mud
as he excitedly runs to greet
his favorite playmates,
his horse and his dog.
Along these rolling hills,
sits the ranch where
he has spent his whole life
Star-gazing, doing chores,
fishing in the pond,
skipping rocks, and
playing in the creek.

And at the top of the hill,
pass the river's bend,
is where he will ride to greet
his other favorite playmate,
the morning sun.
  Submitted in response to ABC Wednesday, "R" is for Ranch, and 3 Word Wednesday "skid, damp, and incensed". Also submitted to One Shoot Wednesday and Thursday's Poetry Rally.

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Bluebell Books said...

neat one, well done.

check out short story slam today. hope to see your participation.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Liked the way you put it. The ranch has really awakened my spirit:)