Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thinking of Them Thursdays- Week 1

Welcome to Thinking of Them Thursdays - Week 1 !

       With so much going on in the world today, I have decided to shed a spotlight on those who are sharing their light with others by starting a Thursday poetry prompt called Thinking of Them Thursdays where I ask everyone to write about a charity organization they support or someone that has inspired them in some way.
       I invite you to join me by writing a poem each Thursday about a charity organization or some one that has inspired you or the one I have chosen.  Then leave the link to your blog post below with Mister Linky. Please include a website link yo your charity or person you have chosen (if available) along with a link to Thinking of Them Thursdays.
      The prompt is open to anyone. Can't think of anything to write about the topic? That's OK. just leave a link to your charity's website in your blog post along with a poem of any topic and then leave a link to your blog post here. You can also share your charity's website on your facebook or twitter page.
     For those wishing to write a poem about a charity or inspiring person, I will be giving a Poem of the Week Award each week to a poem that has been inspired by the charity or person you or me have chosen to write about. The winner of the award will be announced on the following Thinking of Them Thursdays post so please be sure to submit your poem before the following Thursday.

                                              Looking forward to reading your posts.
                                         Thank you in advance for your participation in
                                              Thinking of Them Thursdays- Week 1.

      For my Thinking of Them Thursdays- Week 1 post, I chose to write about IFRC (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) . They have helped so many people all around the world during times of disaster and war - most recently those affected in Japan's earthquake. I invite you to take a look at their website, twitter, flickr, and facebook page. Also,  stop by itunes and check out Songs for Japan , proceeds  of each download go to the disaster relief efforts for the Japan earthquake.

p-JPN0071 by IFRC
p-JPN0071, a photo by IFRC on Flickr.

I wrote the following poem in the voice of one of the Japanese earthquake victims that they have helped.

The Welcome
the earth trembled,
the waves came tumbling through.
in a moment all our belongings gone
and my heart dropped.

the face of my mother was of a women in terror,
my father's- the face of a man that has lost hope.
the face of the Red Cross lady-
one of love and kindness,
as she welcomed us to the shelter.

In an instant my heart uplifted.

Now it is your turn. What will you write about? Looking forward to reading your posts and please  spread the word about Thinking of Them Thursdays. Thank you for stopping by! For more great prompts go to We Write Poems , One Stop Poetry , Poetry United and Jingle Poetry.

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