Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A walk on the beach
A walk on the beach , a photo by Isabel Maria Bush on Flickr
Took this photo of my husband , Rick, and my dog, Max, in St. Augustine Beach, Fl
Have some great memories of that trip so I've added the photo to the bottom of my blog .


Tomorrow is another day
to surrender to
the clouds all
of our yesterdays
spent at shadow's door.

Tomorrow is another day
to share our light
as an exhibition
for the whole world to see,

So is today.

The days
spent on this earth
in yesterdays and tomorrows
are gone, after all.

So today,
Let us remember to breathe in
 the beauty around us
this moment,
every moment,
every day
we are here
and walk in peace.

Submitted in response to the poetry prompts of Sunday Scribblings, "surrender", One Single Impression "exhibition", and Carry on Tuesday "After all, tomorrow is another day"- Gone With The Wind. Also submitted to Sweet Shot Tuesday 's call for photos.

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