Saturday, May 21, 2011

Twitter Communal Poem

Kobilica na mareli
Kobilica na mareli (Grasshopper on Parasol mushroom) , a photo by Natalija2006 on Flickr

       Over on twitter  ( @isabelmbush ) , I wrote a communal poem ( #communalpoem ) with  Gustavo J. Mata
 ( @gustavojmata ) , Akiho Schilz  ( @AkiSchilz ) , Debbie Thed ( @moltoassai ) and Fred Rutherford 
( ) . I am so glad Fred got us together to write this poem.  We each wrote two lines of a 10 line poem. The order in which we wrote was:

Debbie Thed - Line 1, 10
Aki Schilz- Line 2, 9
Gustavo Mata- Line 3, 8
Fred Rutherford- Line 4, 7
me- Line 5,6

moonlit river mist, seattle
Moonlit River Mist, Seattle a photo by Bill Hinton on Flickr

Twitter Communal Poem

The green leaves tremble feeling shy
until shivering their blossom into flight.
On a magic mushroom the grasshopper chants
lines of wisdom, lines of rhyme, lines over ten thousand times
He continues his solemn chant until the moon rises over the misty river.
Hearing the call the giant white eagle wakes from his decade long slumber.
wings expand -tufts breath - talons release from dream time's grasp
Anaba sweeps the hogan floor –Manaba whispers “our time is come".
The eagle knows; wings fan a moon into the eyes of the grasshopper at Manaba's feet .
Sweet sounded words the poets' glory;  that was our little springtime's story.

Flight, a photo by Eswar Dasari by Flickr

Stop by the blogs of all the poets I wrote the communal poem with:

Aki Schilz: AkiFreeWord's Blog
Fred Rutherford:  Poetical Psyche
Gustavo J. Mata: Apartaderos
Debbie Thed: Despoina Theodoridou- My "Silver Rain" Poetry Blog

White Eagle
White Eagle , a photo by Russ Pfeifle on Flickr


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