Friday, May 20, 2011


the lightness of being ~

The Lightness of Being , a photo by Cornelia Kopp on Flickr
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on Flickr


As I wake this morning
on the border of dreams and reality,
a white horse divulges his true essence
by making his invisible wings visible.

He spreads his wings,
leaves his Scottish field,
and comes to visit me
at my little cottage in Kauai
to say "Aloha".

As I stroke his mane,
the thoughts of  the black cat
that crossed my path
the night before,
the superstition I held
 of it being a bad omen.
- slips away.

All the fears, superstitions,
anxieties, and worries,
that  rolled through my head
 and followed me into
my sleep - fly away.
No longer burdened,
I feel light, joyful, peaceful.

Looking into his eyes,
a magical world I see.
A world where I drift in the air
holding on to the arm of an umbrella,
a world where life is grand in its simplicity.

"Come Away, with me", he asks.
with no hesitation, I go.
We join a group of birds
dancing in the sky,
on the same journey we have chosen.
They speak of the adventures they have had,
of their joy in returning home...

Suddenly , sunlight hits my eyes
I can understand them no more.

Light has entered my room.
I hear the birds sing their morning song
and rub my eyes.
Awaken to a new day.

Beach House

Beach House , a photo taken in Hilo, Hawaii  by Nan's Pic's on Flickr.


Submitted in response to Writer's Island "superstition" and Poets United "untitled".

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Jingle Poetry said...

amazingly beautiful.

Jingle Poetry said...

come from poets untied, Glad to see you there.

keep writing.