Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Gathering

The Animals
The animals , a photo by David A. Ford on Flickr

under the cloudy night sky,
 a full moon glows ,
gaudy toy animals come out of their burrows,
unafraid of the murmurs outside their door,
entranced by the music coming from the enchanted guitar
marked with a purple inky exotic abstract design along its rim.

They come together by the undulated curves of the guitar ,
their friendship contingent only on their love of music,
they come in a common goal to spin, dance and sing
as the songs fill the abyss of their hearts with joy.

Photo by Melissa R. Bickel on Bluebell Books Thursday Short Story Slam


Submitted in response to the writing prompts of Writers Island - contingent, Poets United- animals,Thursday Short Story Slam, and A Whirl of Worldlings- abyss, glow, purple, murmurs, spin, inky,undulate, gaudy, unafraid, common, heart, burrows. Stop by and have a look at all the poems posted and add one of your own. You may also want to read Life Drama
 on the blog, Creative Introspection , and listen to the music of  David Russell  on youtube (click here to listen)


Marianne said...

The picture of the animals on top of the guitar is wonderful ... and I love the way your poem compliments it. Very cool!

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