Thursday, July 7, 2011

The forgotten

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   In her grandmother's attic, with the light of the window above her, surrounded by her grandmother's travel journals, books, paintings, and photographs - Eireen reads her grandmother's poem once again.

In the corners of my soul lie dreams- dusty and old.
As I dust them off and revisit them,
memories of childhood whimsy and adolescent idealism,
come forth along with the realism of the life I live.

Then a sense of quiet joy walks in while I plan
the first step in making those dreams a reality.
It is a beautiful life I live, and a wonderous life soon to be.

    "A wonderous life, indeed" Eireen responds, glancing around at the tokens left of her grandmother's life. She is still surprised to know that there was a time in her grandmother's life where she did not pursue her art and her dreams.  She then reflects on the dreams and goals she, herself, has put on the shelf and makes a promise to herself to not let them sit there too long. It is a promise that she will keep in honor of her grandmother's memory and as a tribute to the life she lived.

    Photo prompt for Poet's United Thursday Think Tank
Prompt Notes: Submitted in response to the prompts at  Thursday Tale and Poet's United - reading
Music Link: the song, Dreams to Remember ( at Play for Change concert) (click here to view)

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