Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Garden

Taking tea in the garden at the Station Master's home, Nerang, 1905 by State Library of Queensland, Australia
Taking tea in the garden at the Station Master's home, Nerang, 1905, a photo by State Library of Queensland, Australia on Flickr.

"Put on your Sunday best.It's time for tea in the garden with the angels and fairies" Nana  calls out from the kitchen.

     All the children giggled and cheered except for one who grumbled a bit. They were soon seen outside in the garden playing happily with the other rambunctious children from the neighborhood - all except one. Then it was tea time for all yet one still frowned.

     The fairies could not understand why he would be in such a mood. Then one of  the elderly fairies explained he was at that age where he no longer had blind faith in them but could choose to believe or not believe. He had chosen the latter.

"Such a dreadful thing to have happened . No longer having faith always is." one of the fairies said when told of his fate. The other fairies and angels present in the garden all nodded their heads in agreement.

"But such a wonderful thing it is to continue to have faith despite adversity" an angel added and all smiled and agreed.

Once tea time was over, the fairies and angels gleefully went to play with the children in the garden again. All had a wonderful time - all that is, except one.

Prompt Notes: Children's Short Story and photo submitted for Sepia Saturday

Daily Music Link: the song - Dreamcatcher by Secret Garden (click here to view)

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