Friday, July 8, 2011


Photo Prompt for Thursday Short Story Slam

"The miracle of life, so beautiful to behold.  What was once a seed is now a seedling. What was once a baby is now a little girl.  You and Mr. Plant will continue to grow and change all through your lives."
Abbie's Mom said, glancing at the small plant her daughter had planted.

"We will, Mama? Mm mm. I wonder what Mr. Plant will be like in a few years. I wonder what I will be like" Abbie responded.

"Someone wonderful, of course" Her mother replied. Abbie smiled.

 "Lets move Mr. Plant into the garden so he can visit with his friends- the birds,trees and other plants, feel the breeze and the sun." her mother suggested.

"Oh good idea , Mom" Abbie responded. And they moved Mr. Plant into the garden that surrounded the gazebo.

   It is this gazebo, that Abbie went to over the years whenever she needed time to herself. Each time she went, she'd glanced over at Mr. Plant, say her hellos and talk with him awhile. Each time she came she saw the changes that have occurred in his appearance and became aware of her own.

"Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Everything grows - even us, Mr. Plant . Isn't that wonderful?", she'd say. Then close her eyes, feel the breeze and the sun, hear the birds chirp and the trees whistle - and smile.

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Daily Music Link: Flowers in growth w/ music by Luka Van Den Driesschen- a time lapse video (click here to view)

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