Sunday, July 10, 2011

The migration

Photo by Neil Alexander for One Shoot Sunday

In the silence of daybreak they pray
in the meadow surrounding the ruins of their monastery.

In the afternoon,  they visit the towns of their youth
to bless all those that live there.

At night, visions of their red robes can be seen in the streets
outside the homes of those who set their monastery afire
as they chant prayers for them and all the current residents
with prayer beads in hand and joyful children at their side.

Photo by Neil Alexander for One Shoot Sunday

Prompt Notes: Submitted in response to the photo prompts of  One Shoot Sunday .Stop by and read the poems of the other participants and add your own. Next Sunday will be the last time Dustus and Chris will be hosting this prompt - Wishing all the best for them both.
Also submitted to Poets United.

Photographer Links: Neil Alexander
Twitter: @manctog

Daily Music Link: the song- Musical Rapture- A Healing Gift for Humanity, composed by Celestial Joao Cota-Robles' Music (of the Soul) by Frederic Delarue (click here to view)

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