Friday, July 15, 2011


photo for Poets United Think Tank #55

From her window, Madeline watches as Nocturne flies across the snowy meadow . The horse was a  portrait of freedom, one she hopes to be in one day again.  She rubs her bum knee,  grabs her crutches and goes outside.Then Nocturne comes over to greet her. Petting his mane, she says,"I miss you too."

Prompt Notes : Fiction 55 story submitted to Friday Flash Fiction 55 . I am still a beginner at Fiction 55. This is my first time posting to the Friday Flash Fiction group.

Thinking of Them Thursdays- Week 5 is open for submission. Post a poem/fiction 55 along with a link to the charity highlighted and then link up. This week's charity is Every Mother Counts . If there is a charity you would like me to highlight for upcoming prompts, please add your suggestion to the comment box of my Thinking of Them Thursdays home page. Thank You!

Today's Music Link: the song - Wild Horses sung by The Sundays (click here to view)

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thingy said...

Beautiful write. A lot said in that little Flash. : )