Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snow and Ms. Blue

Prompt for Bluebell Books. Found here.

Snow and Ms. Blue

Snow and Ms. Blue,
what an odd pair they made,
one was small, the other large
one loved bones, the other peanuts
one was a puppy and the other an elephant.

Oh, but nothing could compare to the love
 that was shared between the two.
Where one was, there was the other
-the whole day through.

Great friends they were,
spending their days in the countryside,
watching the stars, rolling in the mud,
going for walks and telling stories.

You see, my child, they celebrated their differences,
and were able to see the great big light shining in the other.
Oh, they were happy being friends and spent their whole lives
happily in each other's company enjoying the beauty of the countryside.

Prompt for Theme Thursday- country


Jingle PoetryChildren's Short Story
submitted  in response to the photo prompts of
Bluebell books and Theme Thursday.
Also submitted to...
 Thinking of Them Thursdays -Week 6 ;
this weeks charity highlight: Toms Shoes

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PremI said...

"they celebrated their differences"
Wow,Love - Loved it!