Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amidst the Storm

Thomas Nielsen (~TinyPilot) at DeviantArt..
photo found HERE for TT
   Amidst the storm's fury,
 there is a place where quiet reigns,
where light overshadows the night,
and where love shields.
 It is found in the hearts
of those whose strength comes from within,
whose lives are lived
nurturing their spirit, soul, and body. 
The light from this gratitude-filled, loving, joyful heart
 shines bright on all...

I Love Peace by *A*J*
I love Peace, a photo by AJ on Flickr
on a square prayer mat
during her meditation hour,
Maribel ponders on these words,
hoping one day to have a heart
just like the one described.

Well by k  i a R a
Well , a photo by Roy Joseph (kiaRa) on Flickr
She is not lonely in her aloneness,
for it is in this hour
she renews the well within her that has dried
during the day's busy schedule.
It is an hour that is spent 
in quiet reflection.
for her, only comes when the well is not refilled
 at the day's end.

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