Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where Zebras Fly

photo credit : here

She wonders
what fate has planned for her,
what option to take,
her indecision, born from regret,
troubles her.

Artwork by Bonnie

in her dreams,
where zebras fly,
 fireflies play guitar,
and cats are guardian angels,
visions of her past
walk through the portals of time
to visit her.

Artwork by Bonnie
 of Original Art Studio
 for Friday Poetically

-Soothing her with the music of love
as she journeys to distant oceans
and bathes in their calming waves.
It is in those waters
She releases all her worries,
and joy returns to her heart.

Prompt Links: Submitted in response to the prompts of 3WW- indecision, fate, option /
 Friday Poetically - Art prompt / ABC Wednesday- Z is for Zebra . Also submitted to  One Shot Wednesday / Thursday Poets Rally / Jingle Poetry's Poetry Potluck.  I invite you to stop by and read the poems of the poets listed on these sites and add your own.

Today's Music Link: the song- Dream On  by Aerosmith (click here to view)

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