Friday, August 19, 2011

The Elephant in theTemple

Elephant in Temple by Kamala L
Elephant in Temple, a photo by Kamala L on Flickr.
To the community,
the elephant in the temple was
a viable source,
 a symbol of  faith's strength
 as he led processions
amidst gasps and mute awe
of all those who saw him.

but for him,
 he was a friend
- a kind, gentle companion-
in his life
behind the temple walls.

Their love
was beyond measure.


Prompt Links: ABC Wednesday- E, 3WW- viable, mute, gasp, Friday Flash 55- fiction 55, Friday's Feast- open submission,                       

Music Link- the song- Better Together by Jack Johnson

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jen revved said...

Touching and beautiful...who doesn't love and admire the elephant...xxxxj