Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What could be

Pushing up through the cracks
Pushing up through the Cracks, a photo by paper seed on Flickr

Gandhi once said:
"An eye for an eye
will make the whole world
go blind."

So let us pledge to take the path
of love and peace,
when voicing our discontent
in the world's troubles as Gandhi did.

Let us tread
in sacred waters
enmesh with faith.

The tremor
of sporadic seditious rioting
hinders our peace
and only lead to a nether world
of chaos.

Let us not have that stigma
of hate on our breath.
Let us breathe words of love instead.

Let us plaster words of peace
on the walls and not of war.

Like the tufts of grass and wildflowers
that grow in the cracks of cement,
let us believe that something beautiful
will grow out of these turbulent times.

Let us see this world as the peaceful place it could be
and take actions towards that dream,
and let us not be blind to all that need our help.


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jen revved said...

Very lovely and a poignant title. This is certainly a prayerful poem, invoking the best in us. Thank you for sharing it! xxxj