Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Magpie Tales prompt : mag 90

"More" , she sighed, as she read the tombstone.
The word seemed to pierce into her heart, reigniting the light within.
The shell of the life she was living was revealed to her.
"More" - the word emitted  promise in the air, dappling her delirium with one swish,
as she daydreamed of dancing, laughing, pleated skirt swaying...
She decided not to be the shell of the person she had been.
The strident pitch of her misgivings suddenly silenced, she asks herself -
"Who are you?"," Where ar you going with your life?" and with the reply came a smile.

writing prompts :
Carry on Tuesday - "Where are you? ", first line of a poem by Nicole Edwards, visit Carry On Tuesday Plus to read the full content of the poem.

The Sunday Whirl :            

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