Monday, January 9, 2012


It was not his upbringing,
It was not where he was from,
It was not the money he had in the bank,
It was not what he looked like ...
that was of no importance
to those whom he had helped.

It was the contents of his heart,
It was his independant, unique, free spirit,
It was his lovingingly kind character,
It was his way of being comfortable in his own skin,
It was his genuine sencerity
that gave them hope that their normal
 will change to something more beautiful.

It was his lessson to them
that being who they are
is the most beautiful thing to be
that mattered to them, and
that gave them clarity and strength
to listen to thier heart rather then the masses.

It is that they honored in him .
It was that which changed their inner and outer normal
to something that was a beauty to behold
and it is for that reason they erected the monument for him...
so they may always remember the beauty within
and to share it with those all around them.

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