Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Poetry jam Prompt

Beyond the barriers of time,
Across foreign and domestic lands,
During times of melancholy and ecstasy,
lies a healing energy within us all,
that we call ... Joy.

It is easily accessed
by those with grateful, loving hearts
and is ours for the taking if we choose.

May we all choose each day
 to partake of its wonderful delight,
share it with others,
and remain in its presence.

Even when the days are sullen and long,
Even when the brutality of this world
offends our kind, peaceful spirits...
Let us all trust that Joy can still be found
and let our zest for life continue to remain unwavered.

... this is my wish for you and for all.

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sent to : Poetry Jam : laugh in the face of everything ; 3WW : brutal, sullen, trust ;
ABC Wednesday : z is for "zest for life"; Thursday Poetry Rally W60

inspiration: Don't worry, be happy by Bobby McFerrin

gratitude: Thank you to everyone at Thursday Poetry Rally for the Perfect Poet Award.
Congrats to all the winners ( listed at The Poetry Palace ).
Don't know who nominated me but whoever it was - Thank you.

All the poems I read this week were wonderful...
 so i nominated the following poet  through a random choosing...
Janrae Mendoza for his poem, For Her, posted for TPR W60.
 I have chosen for my acceptance poem, .. Soar .

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