Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Other

Woman / Face by ►CubaGallery
Woman / Face, a photo by ►CubaGallery on Flickr.

Was it she that took you so far away?
Was she the reason you built the wall
around your heart so high I couldn't climb over it?
Was it she?

Or was it the passing tides of time,
the agony of my infertility ,
the uncertainty of my illness,
or simply the differences of our personalities?

What was it that made you decide to create a life for us
that only you wanted to live and asked of me to come along
instead of one we both were happy living in?
Was it out of pure indifference
or was it just another way of pushing me further away?

What was the reason that you no longer wished to compromise
but instead to do as you please?

What took you so far away
that you forgot your way home to me?

What was the reason you left me
in the cold to sleep alone?

I had no choice but to walk away
in the rain.
With dreams of a better tommorow I go,
but still I wonder...
Was it she or was it us?

Bluebell books prompt

Story sent to Poetry Pantry #81 ; Bluebell books ; Thursday Poetry Rally

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