About my Photography

Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

        I take pictures to remind me of the humor, of the beauty, of the people, and special moments I see in this life. With each click, another moment is saved.  In this blog, I share with you the moments I have captured  in nature, in my travels, and daily life.  I also share photography that inspires me. Hope you enjoy them.


About My Writing

"Yes, there is a Nirvanah: it is in leading your sheep to a green pasture, and in putting your child to sleep, and in writing the last line of your poem."

           There is a freedom in writing, a certain mystery, that has always entranced me. The stories, daydreams, and poems swirling around in my head brought to light with a stroke of a pen have their own aura, made alive once again, made anew once again, each time it is read. It is something that happens to all writers. A poem or a story may be written to express a certain view point yet the reader sees something in that writing the author never expected or aspired to show. It is always a joy for me to see all the different ways my writing is interpreted.
           The process of writing, although frustrating and cumbersome at times, is an adventure I choose to go on time and time again. I make up stories and then write poems in the voice of the fictional characters that are apart of the story I created. I write poems created to express my deepest thoughts, prayers, and longings. Sometimes I hear a story and write a poem as if I was the character in the story. Other times, I see or meet an interesting person walking down the street or in a cafe and write as if I was him or her.
           I write to express the artist within me. I write to make sense of all that is around me. I write for writing's sake. Some choose to believe that a poem written from the perspective of a fictional character is my own, or a poem written expressing my thoughts is that of a fictional character but each poem written, no matter how it is  perceived, has a story between the lines. Each poem is my personal lesson on the process of writing because no matter how much I have hesitated on the usage of diction,  or have struggled with my grammar and spelling, or have elated in its conception there are always areas I can improve on and new levels of writing I aspire to achieve.
               I am learning to write better, to express my thoughts clearer, to be a better poet , story teller, and author with each stroke of the pen. The process of writing is a constant adventure that is well worth the persistence and hard work and so I keep on writing, writing so that we may all be heard, writing for the sheer joy it brings to my heart.
             So it is with this... I choose to introduce my poetry blog, "In the silence of the day".  The blog will consist of poetry I have written, photos I have taken, and photos that have inspired me along with a bit of music and prose. Hope you enjoy the blog. 

Thank you for visiting my blog


About Awards 2011

July 14, 2011: Loveable Blog Award, from Jingle for participation in Thursday Poets Rally W48.

June 18, 2011: Thank you so much to Jingle at Jingle Poetry for giving me the Perfect Poet Award for Thursday's Poetry Rally Week 46. All the winners are posted at Promising Poets Cafe. Stop by and have a look at the poetry of all the winners and participants.

All the poetry of the participants are wonderful but I would like to nominate Miki at Miks Poems for Thursday Poetry RallyWeek 47. Stop by and have a look at her poem, The Forgotten Story . My acceptance poem is in Grattitude.

June 23, 2011 : I would  like to thank Bloggers.com for choosing me as their Editor's Pick for Featured Blogger of the Day - June 23rd, 2011. I greatly appreciate it. (click here to view my bloggers.com profile)

June 2011: more awards from Jingle in June on her blog, thank you.

 May 2011: The Celebrate Poet of Summer in 2011 Honorable Mention , given to all participates of Thursday Poetry Rally. Thank you Jingle.

May 7, 2011: The Perfect Poet Award for Thurday Poetry Rally Week 43 from Jingle. Thank you. All winners are posted at Promising Poets Cafe , stop by and have a look. I nominate JL Dodge of Dodge Writes. My acceptance poem is Write.

May 5, 2011: Listed on Fresh Poets to Explore at Promising Poets Cafe

May 2011: Awards from Jingle in May, posted on her blog.