Sunday, August 29, 2010

the seaman

Diving into the ocean
He sees beauty
That has only be seen
By few.
A landscape unworldly,
Creatures small and large,
Beautiful and grotesque,
An ocean of secrets,
An ocean of stories not
Yet told,
A magical world that sets
His soul at ease.
He is at peace.
He feels renewed.

Once he comes up to the surface
The feeling lingers for a short while
but then the longing to be
In that ocean of secrets begins anew.

So I say good-bye to my seaman
Once again for the ocean is calling him back
To reveal more of its stories to him.

 As he goes
 I am aware of a distant melody
being sung to him,
a song I’ve heard before
a song from a fairytale
read long ago.

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