Monday, May 23, 2011

The Choice

Banquet Scene with a Lute Player by Nicolas Tournier, 1625 for Magpie Tales

    Have been listening to Adele this morning as I write. "The Choice" is a fictional piece I have written as a continuation of  the story I began in my poem,  Secret Garden. I have also included a few photos of a hike my husband and I went on this weekend.

a photo by Isabel Bush on Flickr

One of the stories the princes fairy read was, "The Choice".
 A butterfly came and sat on her shoulder as she begun to read....

The Choice

    Among her suitors, there were several: - Rodrigo- the lute player, who was always ready to sing and dance,  -Pablo- the explorer, who was just back from his last expedition and - Miguel- the actor, who was more impressed with his own image then her own. All of them were arranged by her family and she was interested in none of them. Her eyes, always rested on the servant's son: - Ricardo- an artist, who has been her friend since childhood, and the man that has occupied her thoughts for several weeks now.

    As he served the banquet that her mother had planned, her mind was not on the meal but the sketch he had slipped her during the appetizers. It was an image of the meadows they had seen at the end of their walk in the woods. The image had captured a small snapshot of their time together that had been carved deep into her thoughts. Other snapshots came to her mind as well ... Walking with him hand in hand had sent goose bumps down her arm... The initials they playfully carved in the tree they passed by, had made her laugh with delight... The picnic they had was so much more enjoyable than this banquet. ..Watching him sketch the meadow with an artist's precision was her late afternoon's greatest delight ... Staying till dark to watch the stars and talk of everything and nothing at once was a wonderful end to her day .

She reached in her pocket,  held the sketch in her hands, and realized that the impression that late afternoon had left in her heart was immense. Her choice was made.

strichen park 2
strichen park 2 an Acrylic sketch by mlshaw2 on Flickr

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A hike in the woods , a set by Isabel Bush on Flickr.
Took these photos on a hike in Oak Ridge State Park, Alabama.

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Story submitted in response to the poetry prompts of Jingle Poetry "sketches, impression, and images" and Magpie Tales. My photos submitted in response to The Creative Exchange 's and Sweet Shot Tuesday 's call for photos.

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gsb3 said...

I like the way you take this story in a totally different (and refreshing) direction than anyone else I've read so far. Everyone else is centered around the scene as it appears, but you have injected the story with something totally independent that transforms it from something dark to something bright and beautiful.