Monday, May 16, 2011

Secret Garden

Roses by Isabel Maria Bush
Roses, a photo by Isabel Maria Bush on Flickr.

   Last month my husband and I went to Disney to celebrate our anniversary. It was our first time going there together. I took a lot of pictures when we were there. I am sharing some of the photos of flowers I took on our trip along with Tes Kincaid's photo for Magpie Tales. My poem, "Secret Garden", is a small fairytale story that was inspired by that trip and the poetry prompts of  Jingle Poetry and Magpie Tales.

Secret Garden

Not far from the castle's gate
lies a garden
laid hidden to some.
Encompassed within its fortress walls
of cement blocks and moss,
roses and other sweet-scented delights
tell their secrets to the butterflies,
and lilies in a pond entertain frogs
in the afternoon sun.

At night-
birds leave their small palace in the trees
to hear stories of old told
from a large weathered leather-bound book
by a little princess fairy
on a rock.
Creatures of all types come as well,
listening to her tales
with gleeful hearts,
of two friends who fell in love
under the starlit sky.

    Mag 66 , a photo by Tes Kincaid for Magpie Tales

Flowers at Disney, a set by  Isabel Maria  Bush  on Flickr.


submitted to Jingle Poetry  ("castles, fortress, and palace"),  The Creative Exchange 's call for photos, Poet's United and Magpie tales "Mag 66".

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