Sunday, May 1, 2011

Haunting Eyes

For One Stop Poetry's Sunday's Poetry Promp we were given the photo below by Rosa Frei. I chose to write a poem about what I see in her eyes.

photo by Rosa Frei

Haunting Eyes

In her eyes
I see a mystery
a story carved
by the wrinkles of time.

What in her childhood
caused her to feel joy,
 pain, love?

Who in her adolescence
comforted her?

Who did she tell her secrets to?

I do not know.

Haunting eyes from a photo,
What stories do you have to tell?
What lessons have you to teach, to learn?
What journey has your eyes seen?
What stories have you lived that remind me of my own?

I do not know
 but the blessings I wish upon you are endless,
the joy, love, and peace I hope you receive - immense.

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