Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ocean's Serenade

Photo by Michael Maier for Writer's Island photo prompt

when the ocean plays
its sweet early morning
fairies come to listen
and join the symphony.

tales sung and played
of old loves found
on a ship at sea,
of newlyweds swimming
in the oceans waves...
cause a magical melody
to unfold.

dolphins dance,
whales whistle,
mermaids strum guitar
while the tune is sung and played
and a happy ending is given
for  all lovers who hear
its sweet early morning melody.

Young couple seated in garden
Photo shared by Powerhouse Museum, on  Flickr Commons
Story submitted in response to the prompts at  Sepia Saturday , and Writer's Island . also submitted to Jingle Poetry's Poetry Potluck.
You may also like... to watch a video of dolphins swimming in the ocean (click here to view) or  listen to the song, "Morning" by Amos Lee (click here for video)

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