Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Conversation

A photo by Fee Easton for One Shoot Sunday

Listening to the music of Frederic Mesnier this morning. He plays classic guitar. Just found him on youtube today. I got the idea to set my poem, "The Conversation" in Spain after listening to a few songs of his (and yes, I am addicted to his music now).  The poem is written in the voice of the lady in the photo above from One Shoot Sunday by Fee Easton.

The Conversation

On a beach
in Spain,
we reminisced
of our youth
while the waves
rose and fell.
we sang the tunes
we danced to all
those years ago.

we spoke of
the children- all grown,
our art,
our dreams.

we spoke of,
the mountain we hiked on
the day before,
the little bar we went to
later on that night,
where we danced
and laughed
and danced some more.

we spoke of  the love
we share,
we spoke of  the joy
we have,
on that beach in Spain,
while the waves rose and fell
and drifted
 to our bare feet in the sand .

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