Thursday, June 2, 2011

God's Liquid Gold

Water flows from charity: water well
Photo by Esther Havens for charity: water

After a season of drought
drinking dirty muddy water,
God's Liquid gold
-clean , pure, delicous water-
comes pouring out of the faucet.

 she drinks the water,
 nourishing her soul,
 filling her with grattitude ,
 and overflowing  her spirit
 with hope.

love and light beams
from her eyes
as she drinks
God's Liquid Gold.

quenching the thirst
of her spirit,
that has been haunting her
for so long.

in that instant,
a photo is taken of her,
and now..
all those that view it,
share in her joy,
quenching their own
spirit's thirst 
in the process.

story submitted in response to the poetry prompt of  Thinking of Them Thursdays - Week 3 and One Stop Poetry. Also submitted to Poets United.

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