Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sky's play

a photo by Isabel Bush

Outside the vine -filled window,
 the sky's play begins -

Act 1
erratic sounds of thunder,
luminous light,
dotting the sky.

Act 2:
rush of water
pours out of the sky,
with the sound of a
hundred horses.
- 2 hour run.

Dark skies leave stage right.

Act 3:
sun appears on center stage
with her co-star the rainbow,
an omen of what will be.
the end.

nature's  audience applauds,
flowers bloom brighter,
grass glistens,
birds sing...

a new play begins
on the other side of the window,
 as a mother lays on the bed
giving birth to her first-born son.
Then smiles, as she holds him
for the first time...

Story submitted in response to the prompts of  3 WW "Erratic" , "Luminous" , "Omen", Jingle Poetry "thunderstorms, water fury, floods" and ABC Wednesday  "T is for Thunderstorms".

Photo submitted in response to The Creative Exchange 's and Sweet Shot Tuesday 's call for photos.

Thank you to Stuart Nager (bornstoryteller , @StuStoryteller ) for mentioning me in his blog , Tale Spinning .

Spinner of Tales

On his blog, he asks that you offer a prompt for his writing along with the first line of a story. Then he will write a story using your prompt and first line. I offered the prompt "Exploration". The story he wrote using the prompt and first line I offered is The Valley of Kaarrh. Drop him a line, and let him know what you thought of it.

Thank you everyone for all the great comments on my blog. Stop by and add your poem or story to my Thinking of Them Thursday  poetry share post too, if you like. Have a great day.

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